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The clean energy revolution needs your wild ideas


Innovation is a messy but rewarding process. It cannot be scripted or fit into tidy predictable business processes, but this does not mean that it cannot be disciplined. This process is like the work of cowboys who bring livestock out of the wild range and deliver them to the railhead market.   

At Innovation Wrangling we have experience on many trails and can extend the capabilities of your team for the drive ahead.  We can help your team create an environment where deep experts can collaborate using disciplined business processes to create innovative solutions. We specialize in the skills needed to move clean energy technologies forward. Our model is to join your team and share the risk and rewards of the adventure.

Clean Energy

Materials Science
 Technical Problem Solving
Systems Engineering

Our team works hard, gets their hands dirty, and laughs at setbacks


A good group of wranglers has the resiliency, the skills and the knowledge to navigate the ravines and deserts when there is no roadmap.

Our team brings diverse and deep technical skills and can synthesize solutions to fit within your customer and supplier ecosystem. We will use our scientific, engineering, and social science expertise to create a business system that can produce efficient and successful results.