Extend your workbench

We are engineers with a passion for hands on work. We love to get right into the dirt. We know that in a small team people need to be adaptable to problems as they come. We have the deep technical skills to add depth to your team in a variety of technical areas. We can help you design, analyze, prototype and problem solve.   This means that we want to be immersed in your environment with your people as much as is practical. We prefer to bring our office to you, but we can work from ours.


A Simple Contract Structure

Because innovation is not always predictable, we like to keep our contracts and scope high level. We will work with you to define a destination and a measure of success (eg. a milestone report, a prototype demonstration, a funding achievement, etc.). We then plot out challenges may be encountered and an estimate of what it will take.   As we encounter new challenges we will adjust this together.


Global Reach

Many challenges span across several organizations and possibly continents. We are used to working with teams in multiple global locations and have the ability to fit in with the work culture in different places. We know that face-to-face time is very effective and will travel to where the work is, but we also know how to work effectively from a remote location to keep costs under control.