Mike Sexsmith

Mike has over 20 years experience working across scientific, engineering, and social science fields and will bring that experience to your team.  He holds a Masters in Materials Engineering and an undergraduate degree from the highly regarded Engineering Physics program at the University of British Columbia. Mike has authored numerous publications, including:

  • Model for Plastic Deformation Work of Peeled Metallic Foils, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 1996. (M. Sexsmith and T. Troczynski)
  • Peel Strength of Thermal Spray Coatings, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, Vol. 5, 1996, p 196-296 (M. Sexsmith and T. Troczynski)

Mike also holds several patents and patent applications, including:

  • 6,797,091  Method for Embossing Expanded Graphite Sheet Material Under Reduced P Pressure
  • 7,169,490  Hydrogen concentration sensor for an electrochemical fuel cell
  • 7,132,185  Fuel cell system shunt regulator method and apparatus
  • 20040224201 Antifreeze cooling subsystem
  • 20030224227 Conditioning and maintenance methods for fuel cells

On top of these deep technical skills, Mike has collaborated with international multidisciplinary teams. His leadership and coaching skills enable him to bring a humanist’s perspective into the technical design space.