Multidisciplinary Systems Engineering: Integration of Physical, Chemical, and Social Elements

Systems engineering and quality engineering practices can be applied to many complex problems or systems and are increasingly being used to design combined social, environmental, and technical systems. We can help your team create an innovative environment where deep experts can collaborate and link their deep technical knowhow with that of others. Using disciplined business processes, we will create innovative solutions that draw upon the expertise of all specialists. 


Technical Problem Solving

We have more than 25 years of experience solving technical problems using science and engineering processes. Our technical experience is broad and can draw upon many disciplines, however our focus is on Physics, Electrochemistry and Materials Science.  We love to solve complex problems in these technical areas for design, manufacturing or research applications using discipline processes such as 8D, 5 Whys, Cause and Effect Diagrams, IS/ISNOT analysis, Statistical Data Mining, etc. We can provide fresh eyes to difficult problems and imbed ourselves in your team to add horsepower to your projects when needed.


Technology Scouting and Assessment

As technical innovation becomes more complex, it becomes more difficult for even highly specialized investors to assess the risks and potential value of new technologies. Companies developing new products also may have trouble finding or assessing new technologies offered by innovators. We can assess the science and engineering behind these technologies and provide objective feedback.  This can then be used to help innovators address risks and let investors or customers know what opportunities and risks are present.  Our areas of specialization are:

  • electrochemical systems advanced materials
  • energy conversion systems
  • ecosystem mapping 
  • automotive technology

When the scope of the project falls outside of our technical expertise, we have access to a broad network of experts who can fill in the blind spots and provide a coherent picture.


Technology Strategy Analysis

Technology strategy is the art of understanding the complete ecosystem in which your technology must take root and grow.   Most companies only have the resources to keep a sharp focus on a few key problems at any one time so a solid big picture strategy is key to navigating across the difficult space between invention and the establishment of a market.   We can help you map the challenges, develop a trailmap to understand your technology in its context and then develop strategies to navigate to success.   Your experts have deep insights into that strategy and we can work with them to gather the required information and draw their wisdom into that strategy.


Innovation Management Consulting

Innovation requires a unique balance between fast, creative, open thinking and the discipline to recognize the need to change course or abandon paths.   Often decisions need to be made on limited data, risk assessments or even gut feel.   Emotions, perceptions, and bias can all impact the best scientists and engineers when the data and analysis time is scarce.   These are not bad energies and can be very helpful when people are faced with high risks and challenges. Mike Sexsmith has more than 20 years of managing innovation and can help your team find disciplined, lean business processes and build a culture that will help you drive an efficient and focused innovation engine.